Meble nowoczesne
Nowoczesne skórzane meble wypoczynkowe
Meble stylowe
Stylowe meble wypoczynkowe
Meble skrzyniowe
Meble skrzyniowe
Krzesła, ławy, stoły, zegary
Krzesła, ławy, stoły, zegary

Natural leather as well as faux leather has a protective top coating and using harsh, inadequate cleaning products like cream or spray which contain alcohol, liquid ammonia or solvent can damage the leather.

Depending on the amount of use, the leather upholstery should be cleaned. Every fresh stains or dirt should be removed immediately with dry cloth.

The natural upholstery

The warranty does not cover damage caused by contact with rough or sharp objects or by the use of any substance or cleaning material other than those recommended by the manufacturer. Wrinkles, skin folds, scars, color variations, and other natural range markings are authentic characteristics and should not be interpreted as flaws or defects. Only professional cleaning care products will ensure the leather upholstery lasting quality and durability. The best way to protect your natural leather is using only certified leather care products . Leather has range markings and is enhanced by natural features and distinctive grain fluctuations that assure individuality. In the tannery the leather can be produced through manufacturing processes of converting raw hides or skins into leather. During this process, moistening substances are added so the leather is more soft and flexible. However, body oils tends to evaporate over time, leaving the leather without the protection. There are harmful factors such as temperature changes (direct source of heat and strong sunlight) humidity or even salt which is contained in human sweat. Salt and temperature can cause that our leather dry out and lead to warping and cracking of the finish especially in the places where is too often used or exposed on human skin or hair. Caring for your leather furniture prolongs its life and keeps it looking attractive. Leather Protection Kit should be applied when new and then two to four times a year and more frequently when needed. With regular maintenance, special care and the right products, your leather sofa will keep its beauty and sheen and will last for years to come.

The best way to clean a leather sofa is to protect it properly when it is new. Protection reduce the risk of damaging from stains , spills and can help to in further cleaning. It will be necessary to vacuum or dust leather upholstery with dry cloth every week. To clean the leather you may use a soft cloth with leather-care product and take special care of the area of your coach that is frequently used. Once you have had your leather sofa professionally cleaned, apply a cream to the surface of the leather especially to those places that are exploited, using the a soft cloth which helps your leather looking elegant. All this protection will cover your leather upholstery against accidental damages.

Faux leather upholstery

To clean your upholstery use a soft, dampened cloth with the sudsy solution of mild soap and water. Avoid damaging your upholstery because in this type of leather dirt becoming deeply embedded and as a result it is hard to remove. The warranty does not cover damage caused by contact with objects having strong dyes and pigments.