Meble nowoczesne
Nowoczesne skórzane meble wypoczynkowe
Meble stylowe
Stylowe meble wypoczynkowe
Meble skrzyniowe
Meble skrzyniowe
Krzesła, ławy, stoły, zegary
Krzesła, ławy, stoły, zegary

Nubuck is a type of leather with a soft, velvety surface. This type of leather is buffed to give a velvet finish or nap and is similar to suede.

Aniline leather – high quality leather that dyes are impregnated into the skin and the surface remains natural, with little or no protection. Minor imperfections and variations in shade can be clearly seen because of humidity. Aniline leather is soft and unique.

Faux leather is a fabric that looks like leather, but is actually made out of other materials like polyester which is covered by polyvinyl chloride.

Semi aniline – madras leather – is mostly used in upholstery. The surface of this kind of leather is covered with a one coat of paint, it may have matt finish pigmented leather or can also shiny. The protective coat gives good wear characteristics, high light resistance and consistent colour.

Pull-up leather is also known as waxy. It can have a wax or oil added during the finishing process. To protect this type of leather will have to use special care kit . Pull-up leather has similar characteristics to the ‘bycast’ leather. After using sharp tool on both leathers ,mark can be seen only on the pull-up leather. This natural look will show markings and colour variations

Bycast leather is built up with a deep, artificial surface coating.

Antique leather has a two part surface pigment process: after the furniture has been made up, part of the top coat is rubbed off by hand to expose the contrast colour underneath, creating the effect of ageing. The top colour continues to wear away in use, enhancing the Antique appearance.