Meble nowoczesne
Nowoczesne skórzane meble wypoczynkowe
Meble stylowe
Stylowe meble wypoczynkowe
Meble skrzyniowe
Meble skrzyniowe
Krzesła, ławy, stoły, zegary
Krzesła, ławy, stoły, zegary

Leather is a special material that requires special cleaning care. The regular cleaning and using the leather care kit will help you to keep your furniture looking shiny and new.

Wooden or MDF elements should not be cleaned by using the chemical detergents in spray because the surface can be damaged. Your wood or MDF furniture should be cleaned by using a clean, soft cloth and dry immediately with a soft, lint-free cloth. Laminate furniture requires the same cleaning care.

Cleaning methods:

  • Lacquers, varnishes finishes, as well as glossy or matte laminates can all be protected with dry, soft cloth,
  • Upholstery surface - Vacuum any dust from the surface using the soft brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner.
  • Natural leather surface – use a damp, soft cloth
  • Faux leather – clean with the sudsy solution of mild soap and water, use dampened cloth.

All Leather care kits should be used for its intended purpose and according to manufacturers’ instruction.