Meble nowoczesne
Nowoczesne skórzane meble wypoczynkowe
Meble stylowe
Stylowe meble wypoczynkowe
Meble skrzyniowe
Meble skrzyniowe
Krzesła, ławy, stoły, zegary
Krzesła, ławy, stoły, zegary

The upholstered furniture should not be used for purposes other than intended. It is recommended to follow the assembly instruction.

  • No sharp tools should be used for unpacking
  • During the furniture arrangement and moving , do not hold the upholstery or its cushions because it can result some irreparable damages or deformation.
  • Because of the delivery, upholstery can have irregular folds and creases. It may take a few days after unpacking for the effect to recede. The deformed upholstery can be modelled by hand, which will definitely shorten the whole process.
  • In case of function pieces, When needed, levelers will have to be adjusted to align your furniture to particular conditions in your home.
  • The upholstered furniture must be properly maintained and cleaned to avoid drying out, cracking or rotting. It should not be situated in dry rooms, close to active source of heat such as radiator, air conditioning or stove. The distance between the upholstery and the heat should have more than 1 m. The furniture should be protected against harmful impact of direct sunlight and air humidity should not exceed 70%.
  • Avoid placing warm objects or alcohol-based products directly on the surface of the furniture. Never let water stand on a wood or leather surface.
  • To keep your furniture in good condition, the humidity and temperature should not vary. The furniture is the best maintained at a temperature of between 19 & 23 ‘C
  • The direct sunlight, the intensive cleaning and using can cause the leather to fade. It is the normal process in using .
  • Natural timbers carry natural variations in Grain and colour. These are not considered quality defects. The surface of the furniture is very is delicate and avoid putting anything sharp on the furniture or using strong abrasive cleaners. It may cause irreparable damages. The manufacturer does not take the responsibility for these kind of defects.
  • Try to avoid sitting on the edges of cushions or arms, as this may cause uneven wear and distortion of the padding and leather.
  • If you notice crease developing especially in the seat area, take care to smooth them out so they do not become permanent and try to use the others parts of the leather sofa.