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Meble nowoczesne
Nowoczesne skórzane meble wypoczynkowe
Meble stylowe
Stylowe meble wypoczynkowe
Meble skrzyniowe
Meble skrzyniowe
Krzesła, ławy, stoły, zegary
Krzesła, ławy, stoły, zegary
About us

When the company was founded in 1978, I had the idea of producing high quality furniture at an affordable price and accessible to everyone. At first, it was small family business, making furniture in a tiny joiner’s workshop but through many years the company has been developed and we have strengthened our position on the international market. During the production the company uses the latest technologies and employs carefully selected, well-educated group of specialists

I always wanted to achieve my aims and my dream came true. The quality of furniture we produce, guarantees the highest comfort, interesting design and the durability of the materials used for making furniture. The knowledge, practical experience I have gained in conjunction with the new technologies let us achieve the final effect of such high class for the reasonable price.

Our modern and stylish furniture like sofas, bedroom furniture, tables, chairs, clocks, are produced not only for private houses but also for the restaurants, hotels and many others. In our offer you can find unusual design and unique style which can inspire you to arrange the interior of your house or your company. We have eighteen showrooms so simply visit one of our convenient located showrooms and make sure it’s true.

Norbert Pyka